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The VHS Vault
by Nine Inch Nails
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Artist: Nine Inch Nails Video: Broken Notes: Broken is a collection of music videos from the album of the same name with faux-snuff interludes to tie things together. The video as a whole was a conceived by Trent Reznor and Peter Christopherson - as I understand. Source: The source of this upload is from Trent Reznor's torrent that he uploaded to thepiratebay years ago. There are 5 files in my upload, 4 are untouched original files - the 2x jpgs, img and txt. I have remuxed (not reconverted  =...
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Topics: nine inch nails, peter christopherson, trent reznor
The Video Cellar Collection
by Winsor McCay
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The Sinking of the Lusitania, released in 1918, is an animated short film by American artist Winsor McCay. It features a short 12 minute explanation of the sinking of RMS Lusitania after it was struck by two torpedoes fired from a German U-boat. The film was one of many animated silent films published to create anti-German sentiment during World War I. McCay illustrated some 25,000 drawings for the production. The film is stylized as a documentary, informing viewers on details from the actual...
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Topics: Lusitantia, Winsor McCay, Animation, History, World War I, Propaganda
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The Day After (1983) rough cut dvd9
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Community Video
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(short film) A clash of realities: should he stay or should he go ? An actual couple, Kirk Acevedo and Kerry Johnson perform (or perhaps manifest) the problems of being a couple. The story takes place between given lines and documented feelings, resulting in an oil and water mix of film and life. Winner: Best short Film (Slamdance,1997) "This film excited me with its genuine curiosity about fictional characters and what we think we're doing when we bring them to life. It's a formal...
Topic: film, experimental